Saturday, October 21, 2017

Oktoberquest 2017

We are having so much fun!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cotopaxi Questival!!

Go Team Darth Potter!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Dresses

David isn't too opinionated on very many things, but he does insist that we buy the girls a new Easter dress and Christmas dress every year.  We used to do the cute Christmas color dresses, but then I hated that I didn't feel I could put them in them after Christmas.  So now, we just buy them a new dress.  This year I really didn't know how we were going to be able to purchase them.  Funds are beyond tight.  I did however manage to work my magic and use the money from David donating plasma to get the dresses.  It was such a relief for me but mostly for David.  Its one of the things he hopes to do for the girls even after they are grown.  We decided that we'd give them the new dresses for Kadences Christmas piano recital so they could feel super pretty.  The problem was that I was at work and Shelby was at dance almost right up until we needed to leave for the recital.  I was able to get Kadence ready before I went to work though which helped. 

She needed to take the new dress for a spin

Shelby too needed to try out a few twirls

A few pictures after the recital (which showcased the fact I didn't put a coat on either of them during our first snowstorm of the season.)
This turned into throwing snow at each other

I forgot my coat too and didn't have time to change after work.
David also got a new dress for Christmas!  He challenged his team at school during a food drive.  If they won, he'd wear a dress all day at school.  Well, he had a dress from a few years back, but couldn't find it in storage.  He and Kadence went to the DI to find him a substitute.  She kept telling him "If you're going for an old lady look, you're doing great!"  Sure, it's a housecoat, but at least it doesn't button up the front I guess.
David also twirled for our elf, Tiny, to show him his new dress.


Yesterday we had our first big snowstorm and the girls have been dying to go and play in it.  We had a busy day full of school, work and dance all leading up to the Kadences piano recital so they didn't get the chance.  Today, they bundled up and went out.  David and I have such fond memories of playing in the snow for hours as kids.  I have to admit that I was always the sibling who got really cold really quick and had to go inside.  That is exactly how Kadence is.  It's a genuine cold too.  They were out for about a half an hour and loved every second of it!  The first thing they did was of course make snow angels.  I'm hoping that I let them play in the snow more this year than last year.  Literally we've already matched the amount of times so we just need another time in the snow to beat it.  I hate how much work goes into getting them bundled and then warming them up when they come in and cleaning up after the wet snow clothes. I'm a bit of a grump when it comes to the idea of playing in the snow.

Christmas Recital

 Kadence has been in piano now for a few short months, but she is doing amazing!  Especially when you factor in that there isn't anyone at home that can help her practice at all.  She has learned way faster than I could have expected and did so all by herself with the help of her teacher Holly.  Kadence was originally going to have to miss her Christmas recital because it was on the same day as her dance performance, but they put together another smaller recital on a different day to accommodate those who couldn't make it.  We were so excited when we found out because Kadence worked really hard to memorize her song, Jingle Bells.  I hate that they make them memorize them and don't really see the point at all, but that is their rule!  You can imagine that a child who has a hard time remembering would have an extra difficult time memorizing an entire song...especially when you add nerves to the situation.  Literally, this is how a conversation went and I wish it was a rare occurrence:

Kadence: Holly is here mom!
Me: Tell her hi
Kadence: Hi Holly!
Holly: Hi Kadence I'm so excited to hear you play, I know you'll do great.
Kadence: Thank you!
Not even 5 minutes later...
Kadence: Holly is here mom!

Kadence was the first person on the program for this recital which she was nervous about.  I explained it was probably better because then she could just sit back and enjoy the rest of the program.  Plus, it meant she would get confused hearing all the other songs.  
Shelby was so sweet and is one of Kadences biggest fans.  She kept telling her how great she did and that she didn't hear a single mistake!
It was a great night and I'm so happy to be blessed with these two girls and a husband who is so supportive.  We're all very lucky!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 5

Here are the pictures from January 29th - February 4th:

Here are the outtakes: 

 I took this right as I told Shelby she was exactly 7

Ninja Turtle Party

Shelby decided months before her birthday that she wanted to have a Ninja Turtle Birthday party.  I the fact that she had a tea party last year and now a Ninja Turtle party this year describes her perfectly.  She can be super girly but loves boy stuff, getting dirty and anything creepy. She wanted me to take a picture of her turtle earrings.  (They aren't green, but she was happy about it)  She also wore her Ninja Turtle necklace we got at Comic Con.

 We reserved the Community Center in our apartment complex.  It was perfect for what we needed.  If you look close below, you can see the reflection of Jeffy.  He's always so helpful when it comes to parties and takes care of so many details.  It isn't why the girls invite him, but I sure do appreciate the extra help!

 We had a pin the pizza in Mikeys mouth game

 Shelby wanted cheese pizza because that's Mikeys favorite (And honestly the only kind she'll eat) as well as Orange Crush because he references it in the new movie.

 There was enough room at the table for Odessa to be a part of the party
 Davisson, Emi, Naomi, Kenzley, Brinley, Chloe and Brayden all came to help celebrate.  For the first time ever, every child invited came!
 The blindfold for the game was Leo's mask. Here's Shelby
 Kenzley didn't want to play which was totally fine.  Brinley won and the prize was the DVD of Ninja Turtles for her to take home and enjoy!

 We gave all the kids a Ninja Turtle blanket to snuggle up in while we watched a few episodes of the old cartoon.  We downloaded it on iTunes and it brought back so many memories from when I was a kid.

 After it was over and everyone went home, Megans family and Jeffy stayed to help clean up.  Odessa was so cute as she swept.  :)
I was a little worried about all the girls enjoying the party, but it seemed that everybody had a great time.  It was exactly what Shelby wanted and that's what matters! I think my favorite part of the party might have been when I asked Shelby how she would want her hair and she replied "In a ponytail because Ninjas can get a little crazy!"  I was so happy to have easy hair to do instead of spending my morning straightening and fussing with her hair.